Friday, September 23, 2011


can some1 please make the pain in my stomach stop already i cant deal with it nemore how can everything come back normal how can i b fine when im in so much pain all the time its just not right its been hurting since yesterday like stabbing pains doubling over in pain pain all on my right side of my stomach i just stand there rubbing it and ppl look at me werid but it hurts and sometimes it makes it feel better so they can deal with it if its not stabbbing pain it feels like some1 is poking me or pricking me ikd ifits my ribs or what but ugh and it was hard to sleep cause of the pain i coudlnt find a postion that didnt hurt im laying on my sotmach right now adn it hurts buti just give up ugh the docs have to find soemthing but im kinda just expecting themt o say im sorry everything came back clear i cant help u nemore ugh

i already did 1,000 crunches today since i gave up on sleeping, took a shower(and it wasnt warm either cause my dad refuses to turnthe hot water up ugh) straighten my hair, bought books on amazon(titles to come) had some apple pie and tea and yeah and its only 930am and im working 12-4 today im just covering the rest of some1 shift for them

ok so book time i got a bunch for my kindle 3 for 99 cents and the rest for free yes free gotta love free books i got

*the return of sherlock holmes
*the memoirs of sherlock holmes
*the jungle book
*beauty and the beast
*grimm's fairy stories
*the art of war
*the legend of sleepy hollow
*the adventures of sherlock holmes
*the abbey
*the mill river recluse
*the tale of despereaux

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  1. Haha I haven't read any of those books, but a few I've been looking for.(the sherlock holmes books) =)

    I hope your side starts feeling better.