Tuesday, September 20, 2011


so my glabladder test came back nomral i was on my 15 min break and my phone rang so i answered it it was the nurse she said my galbaldder test came back nomral and i just go o ok and shes lie have a good day

its so frustrating so so so frustarting its so hard to deal with and im tired of some ppl telling me thats it my ed that if i just recovered it would b better then im prob just mal noursihed its like they werent listeing to a work i said ever its like fuck off its not my ed its not trust me its not im sick like really phsycally sick not mentally sick but no1 seems to understand that i cant eat nething with out pain everything hurts an dits not my head its real pain its kills my sotmach it kill smy chest my bowles are so messed up im always nasoues the acid is alwasy coming up

and im jsut so fed up wihat is next is he just gonna say im sorry i cant help u i cant hear that nemore i need asnwers i cant even think about recovery right now i just cant cuase how the fuck am i suppose to when everything hurts me when food hurts me its just not reasonable an di know im not being reasonbale in saying this but if theya rent gonna help me ima make them help me if my weight plumments they have no choice but to help me im not gonnna starve im just gonna stop eatin gthe food that cause me so muchpain ive been eating it and dealing witht he pain to keep my weight some what stable but i just cant nemore i need answers idk wath else they can test ive already had blood work(kidney liver pancrass thyroid) cardiologist(echo, ekg, stress test) scope and disida scan what else can they do its just ugh

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  1. You gotta keep strong hun. I know its hard. I'm thinking bout you.
    lots of luv
    xoxoxoxo and