Friday, September 30, 2011

doc appt

had my follow up with my gastro doc today hes such a nice guy nuttin showed up on my test but he cheked my stomach and my heart neway so i offically have IBS. no more taking nexium cause its not working he said no point in u to take it he says i have to try and sleep more and hes doesnt like how skinny i am im like i cant eat hes like u dont eat im like it hurts to much and we were talking more he wants me on meds for anxiety and depression and on them asap cause they take bout month to work so im gonna go get my blood wokr done for cholestrol on monday then make an appt with family doc about that and to get meds for anxiety and depression. and he also thinks i have fibromyalgia so gotta talk about that to the doc too

so i guess ive been offiically dianoges with anxiety and depression or have idk does my family doc have to diagnose me or does my gastor doc counts he wants me ont eh meds asap cause it takes bout month to work so guys if ur on anxiety or depression meds or both let me know how they are ne kind that u like the most and srsly how much do they cost


  1. Oh wow, fibromyalgia never crossed my mind, but that actually might make sense, considering your symptoms....

    I've been on anxiety meds before and you can get the generic ones pretty cheap. I think I was paying like $15 for a 2 month supply for lorazepam last time I got them.

  2. My sister takes meds for depression and it kicked in for her a lot sooner than a month. Then again I guess it also depends on what kind of pills you take and how strong the meds are because there are dif. levels.