Thursday, September 22, 2011

pic update

so i took these pics this morning 9/22/11. i dont know my weight and its killing me so if u guys have ane guesses just let me know pease i wish i had my scale i wishi could buy one with otu getting in trouble but neway here are the pics

laying flat

standing up(front view ugh)

side views( my stomach sticks out way to much)

my back


  1. I'm not going to guestimate on your weight because I have absolutely no idea. But you look amazing. =)

  2. Oh my GAD! You look awesome. Hipbones for life! Wowwow, I wish I looked like you!

  3. You look a lot thinner since the last time you posted an update where it was just your stomach

  4. You're a lot smaller than me, that's for sure! You're at least 100, maybe? Just making a rough guess, because you're the same height as me.

    Or maybe you're way less because obviously my eyes are broke.

  5. I'd love to be as tiny as you. <3 Your waist is epic.