Tuesday, September 6, 2011


im sorry im such a shitty blogger i really am and i hate that i need to post more for u guys i really do but ive been working so much and ive been sick on top of that

ive been working since last thrusday and i dont have off till this thursday and i only have off that day cause i have my egd test(scope of my stomach) but then i work friday and saturday and i dont have my scheudle for next week yet but im sure i will work sunday as well and i might have jury duty too next week ugh crazy life i know

idk how i worked thats how sick i was dizzy lightheaded nasoues barely able to stand coudlnt focus thrwoing up sneexing coughing lost voice runny stuffy nose sore throat it was a mess

i decided ima try and get better i cant do this nemore my health is shot my body is shutting down even if it doesnt show up on tests u just know that i was so sick and so unhealthy last week that the boy woudlnt even touch me and if he did like hug or hold me while i slept it was light like he was afriad he was gonna hurt me

so ima try and eat more and different thingfs even if my sotmach hates me like right now im eating grilled chicken salad with ceaser dressing, hot chicken, peppers, pickle chips, cucumber slices, tomatoes and oregano and its killing my stomach but ims o so so sick of eating rice all the time i just cant do it nemore so ima try and in october when c famly doc ima tell him about my headaches my racing thoughtsmy not sleeping mayb i can get soemthing to calm my head down for i can acutally focus

so i knw i have alot of blogs to catch up on my i jsut wanna lay down and watch some law and order svu so i will get caught up evenutallly i hope but im sure its alot to read and i will try to update more

here are some pics since i o u gusy some got 3 outfits for u its while i was sick and i swear my weight went up i look gross


friday(my worst sick down i could barely stand my coworkers hide me from managers looked out for them for i could sit as much as i could)

saturday( my fattest day look at me there gross we saw apollo 18 that nite i still dk what to make of tha movie)


  1. OH, dear! I hope you feel better soon! Hang in there, xx

  2. You are NOT a shiTty blogger at all!! Dont say that, and u dont need to apologise,
    U are wonderful, always!for ever!
    Im so happy for you hun that you really gonna try, I mean we all know.....we need to keep fight up,
    Well done on trying different things, I wish they could figure out whats up with ur stomach,its so unhelpful on top of everything else,
    I think u look beautiful in all you clothes,
    Dont worry about catching up on my blog as Ive been in a such a shitty worthless useles existance that I have in fact been the shittiest blogger ever,

    Love u sweety pums,

  3. Gorgeous outfits!!

    Hope you can get better. I'm back on the recovery wagon again, for now. Although with my track record of falling off and getting run over by it, idk how long this will last, but all we can do is keep trying, right? <3

    And you're never a sh*tty blogger!! Life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes, but it's important to live life outside the internet. xoxoxo