Tuesday, January 12, 2010


* cup of honeydew- 60 cals
*3/4 cup of cry bran flakes- 90 cals

* blackberry yogurt- 60 cals
* cup of popcorn- 25 cals

* tostitos- 140 cals

* italian chicken- 130 cals
* baked potato no skin- 110 cals

* 4 bottles of water- 0 cals
* mini can of diet coke- 0 cals

total cals consumed- 615 ( damnit i went over by 15 cals wtf ugh)

* 65 mins bike- 415 cals
*6,824 steps taken- 173 cals

total cals burned- 588

i know its not as good as a workout as yesterday but i had to work til 3 andd by the time i got to the gym by head was poudningand it was so crowded i couldnt handle it. see i hate being around alot of ppl i have panic attacks i usually go to the gym in the morning and then work nites but i had to work the morning shift today so i had to go after.

well im off to do lots of crunches to make up for the extra cals

gotta get this weight loss started ive gained weight to try and get my boyfriend off my back im now 106.2 lbs which is just disguisting and gross eww ive been trying to get back down but i cant seem to break this plateu i will though i have to ugh

my bday is on monday and i wanted to b smaller by then but its not working out so well ugh i better at least lose a lil something b4 then

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