Thursday, January 14, 2010


ok this day was just a royale fucked up mess. i dontknow how many cals i ate exactly cause i did share some of my food with my lil cousin. i babysat my 3 month old and my 3 yr old cousin today the 3 yr old likes to share her food.

heres what i had today

* lucky charms dry- shared with my cousin
* singe serve bag of sun chips french onion flavor(ate those for lunch myself)- 180 cals
* small bowl of ice cream- shared with my cousin
* brownie- shared with my cousin as well
* bagel white(ate myself)- 260 cals
* some dry frosted flakes-100 cals
* i might have 1 or 2 marshamellow peeps cause they are taunting me

i also drank 6 bottles of water and i have 3 full ones sitting by me right now that ima try and drink tonite. and i also had 1 bottle of diet peach tea. even though i drank all that i still feel very dehryated it sucks ugh.

well i gotta drink my water and do crunches

i dont know my exact exercise count i did walk 7,630 steps just from my 5 hours at work burnt 194 cals. im sure playing with both my cousins burned a good amount of cals

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