Wednesday, January 13, 2010


so i actually had off of work today which is miracle cause i usually go 2-3 weeks with out a day off and my day off is never during the week. so i cleaned today i reorganized my closet, did 3 loads of laundry, organized my books and a few other things. im not sure how many cals i acutally burned though. but i did do crunches already but im def gonna do more later. i also have to paint my nails either today or tomm cause they polish and all chipped and u can c my ugly purple nails

* 3/4 cup of dry bran flakes- 90 cals

* 1 rice cake w/ tabasco flavored mustard- 35 cals
* apple- 30 cals

* low sugar maple and bron sugar oatmeal- 120 cals

* apple- 30 cals

*italian chicken- 100 cals
* baked potato- 110 cals

*popcorn- 150 cals

* 4 bottles of water( i will have more trust me)- 0 cals
* mini diet coke- 0 cals

total cals consumed- 665

yeah i know im over again in cals but i was just home all day and i tend to eat more when im home all day i least i was hundreds of cals over so thats a good thing. o and i lost a pound this morning. yesterday i was 106.2 this morning i was 105.2 yay go me lol

well i gotta do more crunches and relax im starting to get really tired


  1. just wondering... how tall are you? i mean, it does make a huge difference in how you look at different weights.

  2. Yeah, I know those days. I have to take breaks because of some old injuries and reoccurring problems. I do the same--just keep busy so that I'm always moving. Right now I'm packing my room up at college and packing...I feel like I'm probably burning some cals.