Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i dont really have much to say today expect yesterday was so bad ugh i hate myself for eating so much. 2day i took care o my lil cousins a lil b4 work then worked for 7 horus then played with thema lil more after

heres what i ate:

* banana-100 cals
* 3/4 cup dy bran flakes- 90 cals
* cup of cantaolpe-55 cals
* choc chips- 140 cals(i know i shouldnt have ugh)
* some fries-200 cals(im guessin gon those cals)
* baked potato-110 cals
* 1 cup veggies(carrots, califlower, broccolli)- 30 cals

total- 725 cals

took over 11,000 steps today burnt 292 cals

im drink 10 bottles of water today im on number 7 now

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