Thursday, April 29, 2010


ok so i lamost blacked out like 3 times today it was crazy i shouldnt b blacking out ive been eating enough to keep me from doing that so idk mayb it was form the blood loss form cutting last nite or form the fact that my body is just weak as fuck and that im always sick who the fuck knows

well the first time was on the treadmill at the gym i just went to walk on it at a slight incline for an hour and readm y book caus i know that my body coudlnt handle much more then that aobut half way thru i got dizzy and almost feel off but i stayed on and was fine the rest of the time

the second time was when i was parking at the store after the gym i had to run to walmart to pick something up well i was parking my car and i swear i had my foot on the break and was pressing it and it felt like the car was stsill moving but i guess in all it was me that was moving it was my body that was moving forward and blacking out

the third time was when igot to work to dorp the stuff off b4 i went home to shower b4 my shift i was getting out of my car i got really dizzy and had to grab on i walked into work and sat down right on the floor my coworker(she knwos about my ed) is like so im guessing u arent feeling well


* dry bran flakes
* yogurt

*rice and veggie soup
* robin eggs( damn candy so fucking addciting)


* nature valley bars dark choc and nuts( had the pack 2 bars in a pack)
* 100 cal pakc of almonds with w light dark choc dusting

i drank a liter water bottle 2day and always 1 normal water bottle, had a bottle of vitamin water 0 the acai-blueberry- promgranate flavor, and bottle of coke zero cherry

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  1. Thats good hun. Your doing well. Dont know about the balcking out tho. especially when driving. well keep safe and good luck..x