Tuesday, June 1, 2010


first day back to work after 2 days off it was weird a) im not use to being off of work and 2) i was so tired and sore from not being able to site still on my 2 days off

i know i should of did nothing and enjoyed my 2 days off but thats just not me i have to keep moving sunday(as i said in other posts) was the picnic at the park i walked there an back and spent alot of time running around and playing with my lil cousins then monday i spent 2 and half hours cleaning my car the squating up and down gave my legs a good workout and they are sore as fuck today. like every step just hurts so bad,. the plan was to go to the gym today after work but i was in to much pain to soi gave my legs and body a break i will do curnches later though gotta do some type of exericse

food log:
*2 slices light oatmeal toast
*1 small apple
*bottle of water
*cup of hot tea

at work 10am-530pm
*liter of water
*bottle of vitamin water 0 acai promgrante blueberry
*fruit bowl(small apple, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup blackberries)

dinner at home
*salad(lettuce, cucumber, tomato, lil vegan cheese, wine vinager dressing)
*bowl of green beans
*liter of water

snack(havent had yet but prob will later)
*trail mix

today thru out the day i took over 11,000 steps with burnt 281 cals in the process

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