Thursday, June 30, 2011


i wishmy mom would just stop already its getting ridc she doesnt care if i eat or not i know uw ill all says shes cares but trust me she doesnt and she doesnt care about the scars on my arm but fuck does she care hwo i spend my money and where i park my car

so i park my car outfron i have alwasy have and everyone else parks in the back lately my bro has been parking hes car outfront which is fine its a beat up old thing that is like falling apart i usually park right behind him a lil way back frm teh house but lately ive been getting home b4 him so ive been parking right in front of the house an dmy bro parks infront of the scumbags neighbors house

so yesterday moms like ur parking closer anc loser tot eh hosue and ur brother has to park in front of the neighbors im like whats the difference mom hes car is old falling apart what does it matter if he parks it in front of the scumbags neighbors house moms like well u dont wanna park ur car there in case something happens to it so y does he have to park it ther ugh and more bullshit its like fuck ma y lawasy defend him y alwasy give him money y not make him gat a job lie u made me do when i took a year off of college

so now to avoid another fight im parking lil farther down the street so my brother can park right in front of the house ugh its fuckign ridc and i just cant wait fo r the fight when i come home with my new car(nope havent called yet) cause i know my mom will get on my case about that sayign a bunch of bullshit about getting a new one and the money and allt hat shit and how i should of kept the car i had cause its only 2 years old blah blah blah ugh

so neway im exhausted i have been for while now i have insomnia and i can usually fucntion just fine on like 3 hours of sleep a nite ive been dong that for years but this last 2 weeks imnot dong well at all im sleepling ali more mayb like 5 hours a nite never straight ever im still up at like 5 am but whatever but i jsut cant fucntion my noon im beat my 3 i wanna fall overi ts horrid espaically when working an 8 hour sihft and ur on ur feet(love retail not) and its just ugh

the boy thinks that my iron is low well that combined with the fact that i just dont slepp but ive never reallyselpt so y is it hitting me hard nwo

im babystting the kids today gonna b so tired
and mich gave me award yay thank u so much iw ill do a story later i promise thinking maby one about chasing ur dreams an dno giving up i have had so many drams inmy life never accomplished ne of them but i;ll tell u about them

o yeah heres what i wore yesterday i go talot of compliments on it at work the custoemrs thought it was oso cute and they were gonna start layerin stuff too i alwasy layer my clohtes its just who i am


  1. If you're feeling that crappy and tired it definitely might be an iron deficiency. But you can easily buy pills for that at the drug store for super cheap. Do you take any vitamins at all?

    Sorry about the car parking thing, that would piss me off too. Isn't it more important that the more expensive car has better care? That just seems logical to me.

  2. that car thing sounds so retarded!!!!!! ugh i'd get annoyed and explode (its probably good you didn't do that though) my siblings get away w/ more 2,stays trong chicki xoxo

  3. Love your outfit :D sorry every thing's so bad lately dear but hopefully things will get better and maybe you'll get some sleep soon normally when my insomnia gets really bad I take sleeping pills Ik it's not good for me because I'll become dependent on it but it's nice to have the extra energy on busy days and such...

  4. Thats a lovely outfit, you have such nice clothes,

    Its not right that ur so tired....I think u should check it with ur doc,

    Lov u,

  5. oh, Insomnia... I hope you start feeling better soon! I agree it could be low iron, when I get borderline anemic I lose all energy.

    That outfit is great, as per usual! xx