Tuesday, August 30, 2011

theres no point nemore

srlsy what is th epoint in trying in goign to all these doctors for my issues and then just to have them say ur fine i cant help u there is no point i give up y shoudl i try so hard to beat this disease when its not acutally affecting me neway y fight it just y cause its obviously not affecting my health or making me sick according to tests. my echo came back normal my stress test was normal my stool sample was normal my blood work is in the range its suppose to b

how much sicker do i have to get for them to notice for things to show hmm mayb i should jsut test that theory out cause im not gonna get help now since accdoring to docs im not sick even though as we speak/type i have a pounding headache and an ache in my chest

today i had a nectarine, 3 tostitos, and ike like 4 or 5 handful of crackers dinner ima make rice and veggies im done trying to eat more theres no point in it nemore none waht so ever no if things acutally showed then yeah things would b different but according to th emedical world im not sick

time to go wash my car and try to calm and clear my head


  1. sorry the docs are frustrating you. hang in there, sweetie.

  2. Im sorry dont give up were here were always here. love myranda.

  3. I wish you had my doctor. He's absolutely lovely about things. Or I was already a doctor because I definitely wouldn't just say you were fine.
    Don't give up! Absolutely insist they do something. It's your body and you know when there is something wrong. Sometimes you just have to be harsh with them to get what you want. xx

  4. I'm sorry you're going through this, the medical world is a frustrating place. You don't deserve this. They can't define you; they know nothing about you. They're not worth your consideration.