Thursday, February 11, 2010


omg i ate so much yesterday i just binged and binged i def ate over 2000 cals thats alot for me i know ppl will say thats not an actual bine but to me it is i ate so much bread yesterday srsly i jsut have to stop buying bread then i wont binge on it o and cheese no more cheese. iwanted to purge so bad yesterday but i resisted the urge cause im trying to break that habit and i know once i start again i wont b able to stop

idk exctly ho wmany cals i burned today cause i only had my pedometer watch on for the 5 hours at work so i dont know how much i burned all day. i did spend a lil over an hour outside today cleaning off my car (we got 16 inches of snow) then me an dmy bro had a snow ball fight and lets just say i spent more time on the ground then standing. im a klutz nomrally and i cant even walk on a flat surface so add in snow and ice its impossilbe. im so sore and im bruised stupid ass snow and ice ugh. i slid really nicley in my car today to going to work and after ugh u think they would tak care of the roads better

food log:


* 2 slice whole wheat light bread- 90 cals
* slice of vegan cheese-40 cals
* 13 slices vegan pepproni- 50 cals
* 2 pickles- 10 cals
* cup of pinapple- 75 cals

* special k blueberry fruit crips bar- 100 cals

* fruit bowl
* apple- 45 cals
* orange- 50 cals
* peach- 45 cals
*1/2 cup blueberries- 40 cals
* strawberry banana yogurt- 60 cals

snack( eating now)
* bran flakes- 90 cals
* raspberry yogurt- 60 cals

* diet snapple peach tea- 0 cals
* 3 bottles of water- 0 cal
* 2 bottles w/ sugar free fruit punch mix- 0 cal

total cals consumed- 755

* 7,127 steps taken at work 182 cals burned

total cals burned- 182

i still have to finish cleaning my room and do crunches yet
love u all :)

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