Monday, February 22, 2010


o ive passed out twice in the past on sunday wird i know sicne i normally dont pass out first time was early sunday morning i was waitng for the boyfriend to call after he got home from the bar and idk what happened but next thing i know its was 630 in the monring and yup i missed hes call i felt horrible. second time was sunday nite i wasnt feeling wekk my head was cloudy an di thought i was gonna puke soi layed down and i come too and its 3 hours later. i know u say u just feel asleep no i didnt caus ei came too in the same spot i layed down in and i didnt move an di always move when i sleep im a very restless sleeper and i dont sleep thru the nite. i coulndt figure out what would mak eme pass out since i ate that day but if igured it out today i have barely been drinking ne type of liquids but my bad i forgot to dirnk again and got dehradted so its time to start drinking 6-10 bottles of water a day again i cant keep passing out

food log:
*dry bran flakes-90
*southerwestern chicken strips-90
*roll w/ lil margrine- 150
*speical k crisps bar- 100
*salad(lettuce-10, 10 croutons-60 1 pickle-5)= 75
*icing- 100
*grapes- 20

*4 bottles of water-0
*strawberry melon fuze-20
*cup of tea-0

total cals consumed- 965

* 65 min bike- 418
* 9,799 steps taken- 253

total cals burned- 671

next cals= 294

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