Thursday, February 25, 2010


im tired of fucking nsow like cant it just b spring already even better can i have summer ugh stupid jersey weather its fuckin crazy. so we are suppose to have close to 2 feet of snow by tomm so idk if ima have to work tomm yet or not guess i will find out when i wake up. o and app we are gonna get another storm next week or something fucking sucks its almost march for fucks sakes stop snowing already

well i had a ood day today i didnt eat ne food unless u count the rolaids i take i take way to many of those but they help my acid relfux. and i chew gum alot i swear im addcited im always chewing a piece and i chew it till i cant nemore then i get a fresh piece

food log:
* cup of tea-0 cals
* diet coke-0 cals
* 2 water bottles with wild berry prmogrante mix-0 cals
* fuze- 20 cals

ima drink alot more tonite but thats what ive had so far :)

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