Friday, February 5, 2010


so i endedup binging last nite like bad had:
* 5 choc chip cookies
*7 hersey kisses
* bag of 100 cal pretzels
* 3 rice cakes
*corn chips with cheese
* and a bagel

i didnt purge cause im tyring to stop that and if i give in i will keep purging i feel so fat today and i havent eaten to make up for it so far i have had:
* 3 bottles of plain water
* 2 bottles with wild berry promgranate mix sugar free
* iced mint mocha coffee


  1. at least you didnt binge at a chinese buffet like me.. uggh. take some comfrt in that! i am a cow

  2. yeah well i dont like chinese food so theres no way i would binge on that