Saturday, February 6, 2010


so ive been up seince 5am cause i was suppose to b at work by 8am but my aqua aerobics ladies cancelled adn then my boss said not to come in till 11 wich i think is still pusching it cause the weather is fucking bad like snow and shit yes im getting that snow storm that is hitting the north east like i like snow just not when i have todrive it in. im exhausted from being up but its almost 9am and nopoint in sleep now since i gotta b at work in 2 hours watch he'll like end up closing or soemthing ugh o well wait and c. so i ogt bored and took pics :) gona post them after im down bambling

so yesterday went good. had those drinks from the previous post and 2 more bottles of water
at 7pm had a small apple
at 9pm the boy decdied it was time for dinner so we went to friendlys(if u dont know what it is google it) i had:
* half a turkey club- has sour dough bread turkey, tomato, bacon and lil cheese on it. i never eat a hole sandwhich soi just had half of it
* my fries that came withmy sandwhich dipped them in bbq sauce
* then i had vanilla ice cream with strawberries and bananas blended in it

i dont know the cals because i need adobe to get their menu up and my computer doesnt have that but im ok since i didnt eat prior so im sure im fine

i haven eaten nething yet today just had one cup of hot choc(25) and im onmy first botttle of water (0)

ok pics time :) let me know what u think


  1. You look amazing!
    Keep up the good work, Stay strong x

  2. You're so amazingly skinny!
    Good luck reaching your goal. :)

  3. I wish I had some amazing photos like this to post but sadly me in those poses looks quite rediculous... :) Congrats on the Goal reaching.. :)