Tuesday, February 2, 2010

new plan

ok ive been such a fat ass lately and ive been binging for the past week and either purging or exercsising alot. i gotta stop purging htough its taking to hard of a toll on my body and everyone keeps telling me to stop purging so ima try my hardest to stop i hope i can. i cut yesterday and deep and its still ozing but not bleeding so thats good yeah i know i should sotp the cutting too but i cant i need it i need the relief and release that it gives me so yeah no im not stopping that and dont tell me i have to cause i wont listen

ok heres the plan:

* 1 serving of dry cereal(app no milk)
* i serving of fruit

* is normal its gonna b my big meal of the day instead of doing the big meal at dinner. its gonna b healthy and of course im no comfortable eating alot of things so it wont b huge. i'll prob just go ot the store and get vegan lunch meat and cheese and low cal bread if i can find some and have a sandwhich some days

* 1 serving of non fat yogurt
* 1-2 servings of either fruit or veggies or a combo of both

*6-10 bottles of water a day
* diet snapple if wanted
* diet coke if wanted

i usually just drink lots of water with 0 cal sugar free drink mix in it

fridays weill b different cause its date nite with the boy so fridays i will eat very lil during the day then have a coffee after work then a normal dinner with him

sat and sun gonna try and stick to the paln but that all depends on my work schedule

exercise(gonna stay the same)
* try and get to the gym 3-4 times a week for 65 min of cardio
* crunches every nite

cal wise i wanna stay under 800 under 600 would b even better

love u all

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  1. Hey! I didnt realise you had a blog.. I was thinking we could also keep in touch about this new plan through our blogs aswell!