Tuesday, February 9, 2010


god can some1 please make the itching stop its driving me nuts app im allergic to some food too ugh and i dontknow what one cause ive never been allergic to nething im so itchy and its annying and frustrating and it just hurts it itches so bad that it hurt. at lwast i haven an excuse to not eat alot now buut still i need to find out what im allergic too fo i can stop eating it all together bu ti cant go to the docs cause a) i dont have insurance b) it will cost way to much and c) my arm is so cut up he would notice and say soemthing fml

so app we could get up to 20 inches fo snow now which means ima b snowed in tomm whihc means i willg et bord and eat more ima try not to though and try to keep it really ehalthy

i neded up eating after i posted yesterday cause i just got so upset and i binged had a cheese sandwhcih, ice cream, sour gummies and choc i know i suck i gotta stop this binge starve pruge cycle that im on ijust wanna starve

food log:

* choc poptart- 100 cals
* banana- 75 cals

* orange- 50 cals
* yogurt- 60 cals

* egg whit omellet with vegan cheese- 90 cals
* 2 slice whole wheat toast- 90 cals
* potato- 110 cals

snack(shouldnt of eaten it)
* ice cream- 140 cals
* nabisco 100 cal pack- 100 cals

* 3 bottles of water-0 cals
* mini diet coke- 0 cals
* hot tea- 0 cals
* diet snapple peach tea- 0 cals

i need to drink more water tonite b4 bed

total cals consumed- 815

* over 11, steps taken- 288 cals burned

total cals burned- 288

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