Tuesday, February 16, 2010


well the wkd kinda sucked it didnt suck suck but i ate to much sat sunday i did really od barely ate nethin an dim surprised that the boy didnt make me eat monday i totally fucked it all up again ugh

my boy got me a gift for vday thouh that i wasnt expectin i ot a dozen roses a teddy bear and some choc. i ate the choc yesterday hence the bad day yesterday

ive decided that from now on ima eat under 1000 cals then once the summer comes eat under 500 cals for some reason i can eat les over the summer and stay on track more idk mayb cause its warm and i can just leae the house and o for a walk instead of eatin

food log:

*3/4 cup dry bran flakes-90
*peach-45 cals
*fruit bowl(pinapple,1/2 cup blueberries, banana, necatine,apple and a orange)- 325
*egg whites-100
*90 pieces toast-90
*diet snapple peach tea-0
*5 bottles of water(gonna drink more)-0

total cals consumed- 880


*cleaned for 3 hours straiht- dk how many cals i burned but i was tired after
*8,637 steps taken- 215 cals burned

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