Monday, February 8, 2010


so app im allergice to latex or cholorine tablets cause my hand is extremely swollen an di cantmake a fist and i got the biggest spot of my hip its huge and red and itches. my mm made me call my uncle and have him come over and look at it he said its def an allergic reaaction and since i havent changed nething expect those 2 things he said its prob one of those. and that since i was born 3 months early that my body reacts to things differently then it would for a normal person ugh damn hand made me mis the gy this morning cause as soon as my mom say it she like freaked. i did alot of laundry today and made sure i walked around alot to make up for it

oo and guess what app we are gonna have a blizzard tomm ugh i like snow but i hate driving in it and if we get the 18 inches that we are suppose to get i wont b able to get to the gym wed god fml guess its gonna b alot f crunches this week and cleaning andnehting to burn cals

food log:

*3/4 cup dry bran flakes-90 cals
*small banana- 75 cals

*nectarine- 50 cals

*veggie chicken patty- 80 cals
*baked potato no skin- 110 cals
*1 slice pepperdige farm light whole wheat bread- 45 cals

*blackberry yogurt-60 cals
*orange- 50 cals
1/2 cup blueberies- 40 cals

* 2 bottles of water-0 cals
* 2 bottles of water with sugar free lemonade mix-0 cals
* diet peach snapple- 0 cals
* 1 monster low carb energy drink- 20 cals
* 1 cup soy light choc milk- 90 cals
* 2 bottles water with sugar free fruit punch mix(drinking now)-0 cals

total cals consumed- 710

* over 15,000 steps taken- 380 cals burned

total cals burned- 380

net cals= 330

thanx everyone for the pic comments u r the best buti still have along way to go til perfection

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