Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i take benadrly but it just stops the tihcing for a lil and it makes me really tired and im always tired as it is since i barely sleep

andi i know i have to stop scratchign cause i prob already gave myself a bacterial infection from scratching the damn bites open

so i went out yesterday to targer and bought 3 bins thinking that that would b enojugh for my books and clothes and dvds andmags man was i wrong i cant even get all my books in one bin so i have to go out today and buy more and bigger ones and then wash all my clothes and fold and but them in the bins and store them some where ihate this it fucking sucks balls ugh like wtf its gonna take me days to get everything outof there

on a brighter note while i was at target yesterday i found this cutest dress its plaid and light and airy and has a bow in the back ima wear it over along lseeve shirt and jeans cause even though its in the 60's outside its still to cold for me to wear just a dress

and i have my 2 lil cousins today as well i think we might go to thepark that will b fun and very tiring

food log ffrom yesterda:

* 2 eggs-140
* 1 piece wheat toast-90
* 2 cups popcorn-50
*cup of pinapple-75
* cajun rice- 420
*ice cream-150


*cup of tea-0
*liter of water-0
*2 diet cokes-0
*hazelnut coffee drink mix thing-5

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