Tuesday, March 9, 2010


so i i was gonna update yesterday butmy computer completly crashed so i went out today and bought a new one i cant b without my computer for too long and i abs love my new one its smaller then my other one but thats ok i still love it its just so me and so perfect

and good news im on day 2 without cutting yay for that im just taking it one day at a time

food log:

*3/4 cup bran flakes-90
* strawberry banana yogurt-60
* blueberry yogurt-60
* 4 cups popcorn-100
* peppermint patty-70
* chips-100
* green beans-90
* italian chicken-100

* 3 liter of water-0
* cup of tea-0
* diet snapple peach tea-0

total- 670 cals

* over 14,000 steps taken- 372

total cals burned- 372

net cals- 298

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