Wednesday, March 24, 2010


so i got my lazy ass weak not feeling well self up this morning and went to the gym first time since last week i wanted to do like a 2 hour intense workout buti know that my body couldnt handle that so i just did 65 min on the bike slowly and read my book while i was on there. i burnt 385 cals doing that. then i went to kohls after casue i had a 30% off coupon to use got a small long sleeve shirt an xs dress and a pari of black flats all for 30 bucks i know not bad gotta love sales. i took over 11,000 steps today and burnt 287 cals so whati burnt 600ish cals today not bad not bad im proud of myself for that. now i just have to get my cal intake down i know i havent been posting what i have been eating but i have been ashamed casue im eating way to much ugh srsly 1000 cals a day that just insane im slowly drop it down to 600 cals a day i think though causei cant stay that high espeically if i wanna lose weight gotta get the weight i gained off ugh i cant believe im so damn fat


  1. You are doing great, I really enjoy reading your blog. Stay strong girly!

  2. aww thanx hun ifeel like ihave been doing horrible terrible now a days ugh