Wednesday, March 31, 2010


im hanging in there today im getting better at this balanced eating thing i still hate it and id rather starve then eat but i have to at least for another week or sometihng god i cant wait to just restrict an d fast again i miss it so much

i went out today and bought a red journal to start writing done what food i ate again it fells good to have it

and i made it to the gymt oday did 45 mins on elly burnt 321 cals then i went and sepnt 8 min vaccumming my car, i took over 10,000 steps today burnt 279 cals and i always spent sometime outside with my 9 year old cousing shooting hoops and just playing so im sure i burnt a good amout of cals doing that

so i cut yesterday bad like bad andugh the scars ugh well they havent bleed nemore at least but they are extermely red right now and they hurt but o well they will heal eventaully i guess i dont regret doing it i never regret the cut or the scars but i do wish i never started cutting but its to late for that obviously

i try and not regret things cuase whats the pint in regreting things if u cant go back and change them neway

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