Saturday, March 20, 2010


so now my boyfriend is gnna b watching me even closer caus eima stupid ass and told him i though iwas fat well i didnt say that pre say but u knw and heknows about my ed and he does make me eat every friday but he was letting me pick out my own food now cause he though i was getting better well now i guess i wont b picking out my own food life sucks

well last nite we ere talking and i havent seen him in 2 weeks cause he got hes wisdom teeth out and he asked me if i have been eating and what ive been eating

*so i go yeah ive been eating cant u tell and ive been eating rice and fruit and yogurt mostly
*and hes like what u u mean cant i tell and u have to eat nurtirtional stuff
*im like i dont want nurtiritonal stuff i just dnot want it
*hes like u think ur big dont u
*i nod my head yes im like im up tpo the weioght u wanted 109
*hes like ur not bug ur not and my opinion is the only one that matters so just stop dont pull this not eating shit again ur not big ur fine

ugh fml i gotta get this weight off last nite he made me heat some cheese fries, half my turkey club melt snadwhich, the fries that went with it, a mint cookie curnch blizzard, and some of hes brownies from hes sundea

ugh i know its alot of foood and it sucks and im fat and gross and jsut ew god i need to b in double digits asap

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