Monday, March 15, 2010


ugh u guys have no idea what i have been going thru and i dont really feel like explaining it all cause rly i dont even fucking now but there could b a reason y i have been eating so much andm y no matter how much i dirnk im still dehryadtred and how im light headed adn dizzy even after i eat my 1000 cals a day or y my head is always cloudy and if what i have is whati have then ima get very sick and its scary but i cant go to the docs cause i dont have insurance and i cant afford to go to the er even when ppl beg i still cant go godi fucking hate this im tired of it im tired off all the red marks and the bumps and the itching and swelling adn the pain its not fun and idk what to do nemore and no its ed related just for u know

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