Tuesday, March 23, 2010


can someone please explain to me y i keep eating rice i eat 2 cups a day and i never use to like it now its all im eating and it has so many carbs ugh wtf but i cant stop eating it and i cant get this lightheaded dizziness head cloudness feel like ima puke feeling to go away. o and also my acid reflux is worse then it ever has been which is fucking weird as well ugh srsly fml and im always tired and so weak and i shouldnt b weak since ive been eating close to 1000 cals a day latley i shouldnt b weak at all but i am ihave to sturggle to get thru everyday. and being at work and on my feet all the time doestn help im always dragging its like i can balrey move some day it doesnt make nesense to me what so ever

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