Sunday, March 28, 2010


so i went shopping today i got rice(surpise there), tangerianes, apples, fruit cups (mixed and peaches), green tea with blueberry, green tea with promgrante, fuze slenderize, tortiallo(sp), pizza sauce, vegan shredded mozarrlla, hot peppers, yogurt, granola, frozen fruits( berry meldly, and tropical)and soy light choc milk

wokr was crazy i literally was on my feet the hole time i was working and then there was the bday party i had to lifegurad and they were 5 year olds so i ended up going in the pool with them i just hung on a noodle in the deep end and treaded water and laways swam back and forth with them for like hour and 15 minutes straight i was so tired after and so so so cold it sucked i swear my boss keeps in water temp down on purpsoe ugh i hate it

and yes im working on my blog i keep chaning the template and colors i cant find one i like

im hoping to get to the gym tomm i could use some elly time

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