Tuesday, March 30, 2010


i never feel good enough im never skinny enough or smart enough or perfect enough i dont get things done they way i should my boy hates me casue im not perfect i try so hard to b perfect buti cant if hes forcing me to eat

and wtf am i doing eating when hes just gonna suspect me of not eating neway and he doesnt beleive fuck ive been eating so much as it is god im fat as fucking hell like fat fat i hate it and if hes just gonna keep saying im not eating i might as well just not eat at least he would b right then

god this all just fucking sucks i want to b thin so tihn that im fragile and that im breakable that i just diseaper y cant i just diseaper its not lik neone would miss me neway i dont have ne friends all i have is the boyfreind who im not good enough for neway srsly y has he stayed around these past 7 years if im not good enough he coudl go ut and find a girl that is perfect ath isnt so fucked up in the head that can eat with out flipping the fuck out who doesnt purge and cut alot ugh god fuck this

i need to get thin really thin and like now give ppl someting to worry about

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