Sunday, April 11, 2010


so tomm i decided that ima start the 2468 diet my one ana buddy convinced me to do it thanx meghan ur the best and then i got my other buddy meg to do it as well

im sitting here trying to plan out the 200 cals its so hard i know i can do it im going thruthe food that we have around the house and its just hard cause everything is so high cal but i will so figure it out

today i walked 6.6 miles i really wanted to go to the mall so i decided that walking thre would b better then driving there so 2.7 miles there then 2.7 back and then also walking around the mall. i got a dragonfly necklace from h&m and 4 tshirt from this new store that opended there called strawberry all size small. ive fallen in love with that store all ready its just so different and amazing

so i gotta go do more crunches and try and figure out my plan for tomm and also hope tha tmy heart doesnt go all nuts on me again tonite

love u all

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