Monday, April 19, 2010


so tomm is the support group i was all telling u about im nervous but excited at the same time im scared shitless that no1 is gonna like me and that im gonna b the fatest one there but im also happy aobut meeting ppl lik eme that understand everything that i dont have to explain nething too

i ended up cutting last nite i tried to figth off the urge but ti didnt work to well so i have 3 lines on my inner arm one is deep and idk how ima hide them at the wedding i have to go to on sat mayb i can get away with a long sleeve shrit under my dress or a long sleeve shirt and a skirt

today was going well food wise until my sugar started dropping at work and i was sahking for hours so when i got home i ended up eating some ice cream and a granola bar i know i need like a candy bar bu ti cant eat a candy bar theres no fucking way im eating a candy bar

ive been going tot he gym alot lately i went sat sun and also today i cant go tomm working all day then got the group but ima go again wed and prob thrusday

i want all this weight off and i want it off now i hate being this fat self of a person i wanna b fragile and delicate and breakable

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  1. Dont worry hun, You will be thin. Its just hard work..x