Monday, April 5, 2010


height weight and measurments
i guess i should post those again since its been awhle and i have gained some

heaight- 5'5

weight-109 lbs


waist- 24.5 in
hips- 30 in
ankle- 7 in
calf 11.5 in
thigh- 16.5 in
wrist- 5.5 in
upper arm- 9-5 in
neck-12 in

so far today i have eaten tangerine with strawberry yogurt and granola and then ihad some choc covered peanuts and i know i should of had them
as soon as i finish my tea im go to the gym and try to work some of i t off even though i still feel really sick ugh


  1. I understand it's hard but that's the way it's supposed to be. Keep trying... :-)we try too.

  2. i knw i know im done eating choc though enough is enough