Saturday, April 24, 2010


ok so gorup is now down to once a month thats what me and the boy have agreed on he doesnt really want me going at all but we agreed on once a week

so i wake up this moringj ust planning on having a banana and granola bar then go tot he gym yeah well my heart was just a mess this morning like it was freaking out so bad so i had the banana and granola bar and also a lil brownie and 3 small cookies ugh i hate myself right now even though it was the right thing to do for my heart

i still went to the gym did elly for 45 mins on a hill workout level 5 and burnt 330 cals i know it prob didnt burn all of my breakfast i dk howmany cals the cooloes or the brownie was but i hope i at least burnt a good part of what i ate

my cousins wedding is today and im still fat as hell ugh 109 lbs taht is just gross and fat and disgusting and ive never been much of a dancer so its not like i will burn cals doing that but my meal is the vegetarian option so it shouldnt b to many cals i hope not at least

i'll let u guys know how it goes tomm though

my legs are killing me an dmim so tired im drinking a skinny water the orange kind its acutally really good and not cals so even better

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