Tuesday, April 27, 2010


sop i didnt sleep at all last ntie i was having the worst stomach pains ever it was the front of my stomach and the right side it was bad and it has to b bad for me to say its bad cause i have the highest pain tolerance ever trust me. im the girl who walked on a borken ankle for months til it healed so yeah last nite was bad as fuck. at about 4 am i was srsly thinking about going to the er but that thought came and went cause i coudlnt drive myself the pain was so bad and ididnt wanna wake ne 1 up so yeah i didnt go

*hot promgrante green tea

* 2 serving chicken noodle soup
* home made choc chip cookies(just a few my mom was bugging me all day to eat them)
* lil ice cream

* small chicken pot pie soup
* saltines

drank a liter of water today well a lil more acutally casue i have a liter water bottle and i drank thats plus one and half of the normal size bottles

i also haveing a coke zero sitting next to me thats ima drink after im done eating my dinner

gonna try and do crunches tonite if my stomach will let me i didnt get to the gym this monring cause i was so sick ugh i need a work out

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