Saturday, April 17, 2010


so im just a jumble fucke dup mess at the moment the talk last nite with the boy didnt go well i tol dhim about the support group thinking that he will b happy thati m going and yeah n o he wasnt he didnt understand y i had to go when im fine casue im eating im like im not fine and i dont eat enough hes like but ur eating so u cant b sick im like anorexics eat hesl ike i know u have an eating disorder but still y do u need to go to a group ur fine hesl ike ur not fat like u think u are ur skinny and i know ur worried about ur stomach just go tot he gym more u dont go enough neway so go more and eat healthy dont eat ne junk unless ur with me casue thats fine then but just wrok out more it will make ur head feel better im like i ma fat do u not see it im 110 i tried to get btter for u i did it foru and i dont like it i hate the way i look hes like u can go 2 105 103 at the lowest but u arent allowed to go lower then that and then he said if u wanna go to the group then go but thaose girls are gonna drag u down they have problems im like i have a problem and heslike well they will b worse but if its gonna make u better then go but i didnt know u were slipping again u are eating so ur fine im like i the group is all i can do right now i cant afford treatment hes like treatment u dont need treatment ur fine ur not that sick

o god that comment pissed me off ima show him sick o am i ever gonna show him i try to explain it to him but he doesnt listen he never fucking listens like i just want him to try and understand but he wont casue he thiks he knows it all and he thinks that i can contorl it when really i can its fucking impossible to contorl it so ima get sick so sick ima show him


  1. OMG, well I hope things get better for you.
    I am new to the whole blogging thing. I am following your page.

    to me it sound like he cares about you a lot and is just trying to be ignorant to the fact that you are not better. He doesn't want to believe that your not even through your telling him. He is finding it difficult to digest. Just give him time and patience.

    Hope I helped slightly.

    x Evie x

  2. well i hope that u enjoy my blog even though im all over the plavce all the time lol

    i know that he cares and that he doesnt wanna bleive thati m sick but deep down he knows i am an dit killshim that he cant fix it