Tuesday, April 6, 2010


ok so today i was nasuous the hole time i just wanted to stick my finger down my throat and throw up just to get the feeling to go away but i didnt casue then i would relapse with my mia an di dont want that so i dealt with the nausousa(sp) the best that i could

then i had stomach pains yup again all day and it wasnt constant it was like shaprt pains every so often it would b in the middle one time they the left side next to my rubs then my right side by my hip godi m a mess

and i got dizzy earlier as well and got really hot then really cold ugh

food log:

*blueberry yogurt
*cup of cantalope
*raspberry yogurt
*1/4 cup granonla
*vegan chicken patty
*cup fo green beans
*jelly beans

had like 3 cups of tea so far today and one bottle of water

im so tired and exhausted all i wanna do it lay down but i gotta make my stomach hurt mmore by diong curnches casue im a fat fuck and my stomach is huge ugfh

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