Saturday, April 3, 2010


so yesterday i did good eating wise i had peach yogurt some granola and a banana for breakfast then i skipped lunch went to a hockey game with the boyfriend and hes 2 freinds he made me sahre some fries with him then have a snack i had a choc dipped ice cream and thats all i ate yesterday

im still feeling really sick and weak and its hard to move most of the time but i have to pforce myself to the hcest pains hurt but are that freguent so i can deal and i still get bad stomach pains but its not constant soi guess thats that

me and the boyfriend had a nice talk last nite about my ed he says as long as i eating he will pretty much leave me alone that ih ave to eat everyday and it cant just b fruit whish is fine i have this low cal pizza recipe thati got from dollparts and i make them sometimes and i have vegan burgers and chicken patties. is aid that i did wanna eat as many cals as ihave been he said to eat what i feel comfortable with but i have to b eating he wants me to try and eat on a scheudle i told him i would try but at least he will b off my back for a lil its just on fridays i still have to eat with him and an said i can eat what ever i want when im with him so ima try and not let my ana completley take over on fridays when i an with him
i did tell him i was sorry that he had to deal with all my issues he said it was ok that we woiuld get thru it together

at least now i can lose some weight thank god ive been at 109lbs for way to long i need to get it off