Thursday, April 8, 2010


so i spent all day being bugged by my mim she drove me fuckng nuts u have no fucking idea god she just wouldnt shut up dani eat this dani eat that dani u need sugar dani have a candy bar dani u need meat

news flash mother fuck off leave me alone its like fuck already u normally dont give a shit about me fuck i coudlnt compeltey stop eating and u wouldnt notice(yes that has happend 7 days no food and she didnt even notice) god she needs to fuck off idk y she is caring all of a sudden im not use to it ugh fucking hell

so i checke dmy blood sugar this morning(its what caused the hole dani this and that rant thing ihad to deal with formmy mother) u all know that i havent been feleing well and my bor has diabetis so the stuff is all here so i checked it and my sugar was 84 which is low it could explain the holw almost passing out a million times yesterday

i still feel blah but moatly tired and my stomach hurts but o well im hanging in there my heart has freaked out a lil today drives menuts but i gotta deal with it cause im not going to the docs to b judged my then idk if im having organ failure or what ever the fuck is wrong with me im not going i can keep myself alive

food log:
* 2 teddy grahams
* 2 jelly beans
* 5 chunks of peaches
* few lil pieces of cheese
* 2 crakcers
* green beans
* ice cream(shared with my lil cousin)

yeah so i babysitted today soi m sure i burned off most of that if not all of it cause me and the 3 yr olf just ran around play ing tag and trying to cathcing butterflies then playing hide and seek wiht bean bags yeah we make up our own games then taking care of a 5 month old enough said

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