Wednesday, April 7, 2010


so im just getting worse sick wise my heart and chest are getting funny feelings all thet ime my sotmach pains are coming back ugh this just sucks ass ugh

i almost passed out twice 2day once while i was dying my hair and once at work. i got really really hot all of a sudden and i started shaking and my heart went all weird and i got chest pains idk how i managed to not pass out but i did it yay me but it wasnt fun at all

i forced myself to go for a walk today i swear i almost feel 10 times cause i got dizzy and then i coudlnt concentrate so i almost walked in to things as well ima mess i swear but i got my walk in i even got to swing on the swings for a lil love the swings

*strawberry yogurt-60
*mixed veggies- 240
*jelly beans-?
*2 cups green tea with promgrante-0
*1 cup green tea with blueberry-0
* 2 bottles ofwater-0

*8.418 miles walked(over 18,000 steps)-539 cals burned

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  1. sounds like u could go into cardiac arrest. be careful hun <3