Monday, April 12, 2010


yeah so me and 2468 diet doesnt work very well together i cant follow diets at all id rather have my own rules and plans and have complete contorl of everything so wjhen i get some time ima write my own rules and exercise plans and just everything

and also acid refluz and diet coke dont mix very well at all i drank 2cans today and it just made me so so sick and it made my acid refluz 100 times worse then it already was. so ima do some reserch and write down all the acidic foods and drinks and avoid them like a plaque

*asain style sitr fry microwavable veggies
* 5 pickles
* 2 cups celery
* lil cake icing
*honey wheat pretzels

*65 ming walking on tready random workout level 10 speed between 3.0-3.2- 274
*4.928 miles walked(over 11,000 steps-281

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