Tuesday, April 12, 2011


i wish all the voices in my head would just shut up for 2 seconds and let me have a moment to myself in my own head
yes i have voices in there and yes they are real voices im not making it up i know that not everyone hears the voices but trust me they are there and they are real and they are driving me fucking insane at the moment and its not just one its mulitple ones just constatnly going and chatting away in there god shut up just for 2 seconds but yeah that will never ever happen but cant they at least just quiet down alil

sorry i dont have much to say my life isnt that intersting nemore i worekd 11-6 today came home ate tom uch now my tummy hurts and they voices are even more annoying
work annoys me cause im alwasy doing so much and most of the other employees dont do enthing they jsut stand around adn talk yes its retail but fuck y dont they get in trouble as soon as i stop its like danielle this and danielle that like give mea fucking break for fucks sake ugh

i found some1 tocover for me on thrusday yay for that i feel bad i hate haveing ppl cover for me thats y i even go to work when imsick cuase i dont wanna bug or put out other ppl u know what i mean

well i guessi shoudl post my food intake ugh not good
*lipton cup of soup chicken noodle
*7 handful jelly beans
*bag of frozen green beans( i cooked them of course)
*handufl of skittles
*can of progresso light chicken vegetable rotini soup
*way to man triscuits

yes i know i suck and thats way way to much foood fucking recovery sucks can i just give up i hate it


  1. ugh I have voices in my head too! They suck balls! How long have you been in recovery? ):

  2. aww sowi girl! jst relax and u shld feel happier by tomorrow :)

  3. Sorry for the voices i hear them too..

    And im in recovey too and its pretty fkn hard, i have to admit, youre pretty strong if your able to go threw it.
    I rly hope things go well for you
    take care

  4. I only hear one. Ana. She just takes on many faces for me.

  5. I'm somewhat glad you're still here - glad that I know I can depend on you, but it sucks that you haven't moved on from this.
    Do you think you hear the voices like schizophrenia? And are they..mean?
    But honestly, I am SO glad you're doing "food recovery". That's incredible, beautiful!

  6. Sweetheart don't give up, I know it seems like the hardest thing ever but in the long run you will appreciate it. Take care x

  7. Please don't give up recovery, you deserve it. It's so so hard, but nothing is harder than drowning in an ED. Try to relax and take care of yourself tonight, okay?
    Grace and peace,

  8. Hope you can get some relaxation. Have you ever tried writing to get the voices out? It really helps with all the noise in my head. Most of what I write is just rubbish to siphon off the brain-noise. It's therapeutic--turning the voices into words on paper, and then you can keep them or throw them away and they're gone, so your head is quiet for a while. <3