Friday, April 29, 2011


sorry no outfit pic today as u can tell since im blogging right now im not out witht he boy im not with him at all he went out with hes friends tonite and we are hanging out tomm instead but tomm ihave to work 1-930pm so we wont get to spend much time together and i miss himl ike crazy i havent talked to him since last friday i jsut wanna hear hes voice and i wan thimt o hole me for i can finally sleep and for my crazy head would give me a break but nope i wont its ok though he needs friend time i dont mind being by myself i hate being around alot of people id rather b in my room all by myself but i still miss him and wish that he was here with me

i had to work today 10-6 yes it was a long day and my voice isnt back yet and after awhile of talk in start to squek and whisper its bad at one point my managers just said stop just stop talking and they took me off the register and let me just b on the floor and when i would try to talk they would just say enough shut up ur not allowed to talk i have been this way since sat so its going on a week now i just wish my voice was back already

they make fun of me cause i sound so bad its just ugh and they are like ur alwasy sick how r u alwasy sick everytime the weather changes ur sick and ur alwasy cold its cause ur too tiny

idk where they get the too tiny from im far from that i stepped ont eh scale this moring back up to 107 ugh wtf y the fuck did that happen how the fuck did that happen

i had a chance to not eat dinner tontie since i didnt have to but i fucked that up and ate to much ugh fuck me

well im int he process of redoing one section of my lil wall. yes i have posters and drawings and everyhing all over my walls so i decided that i would redo one section of it this is what i got so far

it says "never give up" at the top and then the quote "it is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light" at the bottom

im stil not completely done with it yet but thats whati got so far

and i also bought some stuff at work its buy one get one half off thre right now so i got 2 pairs of flip flops adn 2 clearance shirts here are teh shirts

i know i owe u guys a bunch of thinpso posts since im behind there an di gotta answer the comments on my last couple postings as well i promse i will get to that

love u all


  1. I love the "never give up" wall. Inspiring.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! LOL @ the new moon twilight poster :P stereotypical femaie of our generation - haha

  3. Aw, your wall looks amazing!!
    And try to get better asap! :D
    I hope you have a lovely timw with the boy.
    <3 <3