Saturday, April 23, 2011



this is what i wore last nite out with the boy i weighed 106 that moring yes the scale keeps going up and down and its driving me nuts i wish it would just go down not down then up then down again and then up again ugh wtf is up with that idk

but i worked 10-6 yesterday and it was a crazy day cause the company was doing like 5 different specials at one time and now could b combined it was a nightmare and ppl kept getting mad at me liek fuck what do u wnat me to do about it but thats the life of retail ugh but it made the day go buy realy quickly but i talked so much that my throat hurts ugh

but the boy came over at like 730pm and we watched the flyer i fell alsssp for like 10 miuntes ive just been so exhausted lately manely cuase i havent been sleeping but the lfyers lost in overtime like fuck thats just fucked up ugh they have to win tomm

the boy said i have to sleep mor ei know i have to sleep more but i told him icoudlnt help it it was my stomach he though it was cuase iwasnt eating againb ut its cause i am eating and im in pain so he backed off a lil after that but i knwo that istill need to sleep more im barely getting by

but he said he was really thinking about taking me to the hosital last wkd cause i lookekd so cik im like there nuttin they could of done for me he said that he knew that thats y he didnt take me

but i think im getting sick again idk im hot like hot hot an dits cold out my throat hurts my hole body hurts when istand up i feel like ima fall down my head is cloudy my nose si stuffy fuck this like im alwasy sick cause i fucked up my immune system so bad

well this was just a quick post i work 430-930 today then i have 3 days off and the boy says i should enjoy them relax go to the gym i really need those days off

well ima color eggs with my sis love u all


  1. I hope you feel better soon.
    Have fun coloring eggs!

  2. Awe sweetie! I'm sorry you feel so bad. It's really great that you have someone who cares about you tho. I know several girls would want that so hold on to him! =)

    I hope you stomach and the cold get better.

    happy egg coloring! xx

  3. omg, look at your body! it's perfect.
    You're just adorable.

    Oh, and I did get that shirt at Old Navy, only 4 dollars!

  4. Gorgeous outfit! I'm glad that you had a good night with him.
    I coloured eggs with my grandma a couple days ago. It was great fun!
    Enjoy your Easter.
    <3 <3

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  6. I hope you're feeling better. <3