Saturday, April 9, 2011



so thats the outift that i wore last nite i weighe din at 105.4 yesterday ugh the numbers all over the place and they are dirving me nuts

but neway he came over and we watched teh flyers game yes i like hockey ha :) and damn that but they lost in overtime
and they we went out the eat ended up going to tgi fridays and since stupid me mentined that i almost passed out the day b4 he said i should get something else to drink besides water to get some sugar in me so i got a strawberry lemonade an di drank too of them and im not suppose to have strawberries the acid in my tummy doesnt like them so yeah the acid kept coming up but yeah o well

he got these sesame chicken bites for appetizer cause he knows taht i like them so much he usually gets mozzy sticks or potato skins but since im dairy intolerance he tries to get soemthing that i can eat too hes nice like that love him so much

my meal waas the chicken piccata pasta its so good but god did it hurt so bad i only got a few bites in before ijust couldnt do it nemore i was so nasouses i really thoughi was gonna throw up i was just sitting there willing it not to come up and i coudl of easily went to the bathroom to throw up and he would never b the wiser casue he knew i wasnt feeling well but nopurging for me but i really though it was gonna come up on its own i hate my stomach i really so

and idk how he does it but he knows when my ed is really bothering me or has he puts it my head which is correct since it is mental health disease thing he kept asking all nite if i was ok and then when we got home he just pulled me to him and said ur head is bothering u alot again isnt it did u eat and sleep this week im like i eat i eat for u cuase it makes u happy hes like u shoudlnt eat for me u should want to eat for u fo ru can feel better and we can go away this summer and b ok so yeah we did have more of alil talk there i think hes starting to understand more

we are still trying to figure out what to do this summer we keep thrwoing around washington dc we wanna go somewehre but not somewehre that is more then like a 6 hour drive
and next year we are even talking about going to niagra falls like getting our passports and al and going into the canadian side as well

ok that was just a quicky update sinc emy head is all swirling around with thoughts and idk what im trying to say but thats what i got out love u all


  1. sounds like you have a really sweet guy there, it would be nice to have that kind of support. it sucks your stomach is bothering you so much, i hope it gets better soon.

  2. It's lovely that you have someone who is so supportive. And the Canadian side of the Falls is absolutely gorgeous ― although I might be biased, as I'm Canadian. :)
    Grace and peace,

  3. Cute outfit!
    105 - that's amazing! How tall are you? Even if you're pretty short, just the NUMBERS sound so good! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I agree with Bella! that outfit looks great.. even eating for your boyfriend you're still looking great and thin in your clothes! jealous xo