Tuesday, April 5, 2011


so my tummy hurts but what else is new there but i found out that mornings and nites are bad for me during th eday im ok caues i dont eat much and what i do it doesnt help but nites are bad cause im still experinmenting with foods to see what i can eat so i end up with a huge stomach ache and then the morning comes and im running to the bathroom and drinking my pepto likes its nuttin but im starting to get a better handle on it but i do have pain every day and some pains are so bad im keeled over grabbing my stomach o the life of living with IBS istn it just lovely

well i have a stoamch ache right now becuae the boy saidi should try and pretzel form auntie annes a soft pretzel and since i had a gift card he says thats all the better ri know i coudl of lied to him bought it and threw it away but i dont want to lie to him so i did get it and i did eat it and yes it gavem y a stomach ache and i feel the bloating getting worse and wrose it did taste good though but i felt quilty eating it ugh my head needs to shut up already

i also went into hottopic as well now no i nomrally dont go in there but its closing and it was like 50-75% off so i went in to look but i coudlnt find nething i liked even the twilight saga shirts wenret cathcing my ey well one did but all they had was teh big sizes no dani apportiate sizes o sad face

but i worked today 12-7pm and yes im tired it was a boring day with just spurts of bussyness i hate when work is so slow cause i get so bored and the annoying girl was there today i swear she just lies to hear her slef talk cause thats all she does and every other word out of her mouth is a damn lie and i just wanna say shut the fuck up already i dont give a fuck bout ur life or nething like fuck ugh

but i mad emyself happy yesterday i went grocery shopping an di hate grocery shopping its so over whelming with allthef ood and the ppl but i foud some soy protein powder no dairy or whey in it so score ys for me and then also found gluten and dairy free cookie dough ice cream score 2 :) cookie dought ice cream was alwasy my fav and im just so happy that i foudn an option that i can eat and not get sick. i did try the ice cream the other day it is was good the cookie dough in it was a li chalky but hey i can get past that

i have to work tomm ugh and its not even my normal shift its 2-930pm i usually work the morning or middle shift so when i work nites its really werid to me

but i have been going to the gym again lately ive been getting up and leaving gthe house at 7am and going well expect for today casue i was running about 30 mins behind my tummy wasnt lisnteing today but i went today and yesterday
today-65 mins on elly level 5- 461 cals burnt
yesterday- 65 mins on elly level 5- 440 cals burnt

i wont b able to get there tomm well i could but i would really wear myself out tomm cause i hav emy lil munchinsmy cousins tomm and i cant wait to c them misss them an dthen i have work at 2 so if i went to the gym then ran after teh kids then worked i would just b dead to the world so im not gonna go tomm ims realx and just paly with the kids but i will go to the gym thursday mornring casue iw ill need the wrokout

food log for today
*protein shake(3 tbsp protein mix, cup almond milk, banana)-243
*5 celery stalks
*sf jello-10
*aunite annes pretzel
*salad(4 roman leaves, 5 cherry tomatos, 3 pickles bell peppers)

love u all


  1. The lovable lil ones are coming over, you must've missed them since last time!
    Itsounds like things are getting better, except for the aches. You're hitting the gymand you've found some food that sits well.
    Luv ya hun!

  2. awww I'm sorry about the continuous belly pain. Must be so horrible. But glad you found some replacement products for things you love. Have fun with the kids and take care x

  3. I'm very glad that you're starting to get a hold of this bub, I do hope that you get it completely sorted. It's good that you know what to do and major respect for you actually trying new foods to see if you can eat them!!
    Keep up the good work (:
    & Stay strong!!
    El xox

  4. Ooo I love those Auntie Anne's pretzels, but they give me the WORST heartburn!

    I miss how Hot Topic used to be in the 90's, back when it was only us goth kids shopping there. :/

    Do you like hummus? I found this really awesome one and just read on the label that it's gluten free:

    I live on that stuff...


  5. Hooray for foods that don't hurt our tummies!

    And I'm glad you've been able to make it to the gym lately.

    Have a lovely day dear.