Tuesday, April 19, 2011


i really have to stop eating so much weight this morning 106.6

food log for today
*lipton cup of soup chicken noodle
*5 handful jelly beans
*protein shake(3 tbps mix, cup almond milk, banana)
*snack size bag of lays chips
*2 servings mashed potatoes
*2 servings cold pees
*cake icicng

i know way way way tomuch food
i try to restrcit i try to eat less but then i just get so weak and nasoues and dizzy and mmy heart starts to go crazy and i almost pass out no i woulndt mind the passing out part but i work so much and normally the dizzy and alomst passing out spells have been happening at work and i cant afford to pass out there

u wanna know my work schedule for the week
*monday-5pm-930pm(covered for a coworker)
*thursday- only day off but im babysitting

yes i work alot and its very exhausting and very tirirng buti need the money i am barely getting by as it is

and i thinkmy body is trying to say my something cuase look at me im alwasy sick and the doc keeps running test and it all comes back clear so idk maybe my body is trying to warn me that if i dotn stop what im doing something really bad is going to happen idk is that a werid or bad way to think but fuck guys im alwaasy sick and naosues dizzy chest pains heart palpitations stomach pain and cramps and just ugh everything so mayb it is trying to tell me something

now i should of went to the store after work and got more lipton cup of soups but instead i got 3 pairs of flip flops from work a black pair, a pale yellow pair and a bright green pair

ima have to ry on bathing suits from there soon b4 all my sizes are gone i thin i will do thaton my break tomm i found a cut one i like u can mix and match the tops and bottoms soim thinkng a black bottom and abright top the top i like has a birght pink flower on it kinda likea hawaiian style its really cute and bright

god i really gotta flod my laundry i did it yesterday and its still in my basket waiting too b folded at least i put my sheets on my bed last nite b4 i went to bed

and god i am bruising so bad again i have a huge bruse on my knee caseu ihit it against my bed and its 2 seperate bruises and theni have one of my arm as well its healing a lil though like a yellowish color but that one i walked into a tstand at work u think i woudlnt know it waas there nope walked right into it

ok its time to watch the new one trell hill yay and then 16 and pregnant at 10
love u all


anna-sorry i didnt mean to disappear for that long the cardies are acutally purple and orange i love ur art its so good

anonoymous- i wish my stomach would sort itself out as well

desepree-i try to do that but then my almost passing out happens more i say almost cause im always on the verge of passing out but i stop myself and yeah i gotta make better choices im just always on the run or always working i hate being rushed

pixiestix-thanx hun my legs could b smaller though

kitkat- thats the life of a retail worker ugh i feel like i owe u guys the response cause u guys are always there for me

mona- ur welcome hun im always here for u :) and thanx so much for the award

mich-ha ur so funny u know i love me my flyers

bella- my stupid bmi wentup hate myself

sarah- yay for purple


  1. Honestly you're probably feeling so sick all the time because of what you put your body through. I know that restricting and over exercising makes me feel feel horribly but I take it as accomplishment that I'm doing this right. Wow you are working alot, I worked just as much this past summer but I liked it because it kept me busy so I ate way less and had a full schedule which helped for me to avoid what I was really feeling. Hope you start to feel better though :/ skinyylove!

  2. you work far too hard. Try and take it easy sweetheart x

  3. you really do overwork yourself. you sound like you deserve a break too! I'm sorry you have to go through all that, I'm sure I wouldn't handle it as well as you were if that was me. Take it easy darling, xo A

  4. At least your laundry made it through the washer and dryer. I only managed to make a very tiny dent in the pile of darks. I just left the rest.

    Hope the bruises clear up! I know how that is--I'm always breaking in out in mystery bruises. :/