Wednesday, April 20, 2011


guess who finally broke done and bought a bathing suit today i havent owned one in years an dimean years they scare they everliving fuck out of me but i bought one 2day just cause the boy said i should get one for when we go on vacation

so im taking a huge step here and showing u guys my suit and yes im wearing it and i was 107 lbs this morning this is what recovery did to my body im just so fat and gross an dmy stoamch needs a shit ton of work doen on it i need my stomach to b conccaved instead of blugging out at the lower part like it is now ijust need to lose like idk how much weight i would love double digits

but neway time to face the music here it is im sorry if my gross body revolts ppl

i worked 12-7 2day and ij ust kpet moving i had 3 fitting room shifts and normaly i spend my time standing there just u know doing nuttin taking a break from the ringing and talked to ppl and just all that retain entails but i decided that i would keep moving while i was in there i was so tired by the time i got outof there

my chest is starting to hurt again and i kept rubbing it al day i know the rubbing doesnt help it much but it makes me feel better well myhead feel better at least
andmy lungs are starting to hurt again i getting thta pain again n my back right were my ribs are o my lovely body is really drivving me nuts y can tit just stopped hruting for alil while

they asked me to work tomm but i told them it was my only day off this week so they said it was fine that i should enjoy my day off

i had the kids al il in the morning well ihad them for 2 hours and they completley tired me out P kept jumping on me she likes to beat up crazy girl N is all over teh place he is crawling now and he pulls himself up and B is hes just typical self

i have them tomm as well and i dont work so its me and the 3 of them well my mom will b there too but i get o sepnd hours with themand i just cant wait

so i kinda thought of a new plan its not like concrete or enthing but i was thinking that i could do half a protein shake for one meal and then another half of a protein shake for another meal and then a semi normal meal for the other idk if i will do that all the time but its something at least


thin is everything- yeah i work alot and its retail so im constanly on mmy geet so i have to eat a li lmore just for i dont pass out in the store

anoyomous- i know i work alot but i have to in order to pay the bills

A- i do what i have to to get by u alwasy dow hat u have to no matter what

mich-yes my luandry is clean but its still not folded lol


  1. Your body looks fine. You are definitely not revolting. Are the top and bottom different or do they actually go together?

  2. I don't think you look fat at all, but wow just read your stats & couldn't believe you were down to 80's, so thinspiational!

  3. i dunno what you're talking about, your body is banging!! :)
    really it is..

  4. i would kill for ur body! *hides gun*
    but seriously u look good as. your lower tummy is so toned and all muscle maybe thets why it isnt concave. thats a good thing it means people can tell uve been working out :)

  5. You look gorgeous! And omg cute stars <3

  6. i would kill for your body, you look great hun.X

  7. I think you look beautiful the bathing suit was a good choice.

  8. you will get that concave stomach, keep working at it :)