Thursday, April 21, 2011


so i rememebered today y i dont take laxatives nemore my body jsut cant take it nemore after abusing them for so long then stopping and then my health going done yea i cant do it nemore
i took 8 of them last nite 8 was sually nuttin for me but i took 8 and then i was up at 5am which isnt unusual for me nemore but i was acutally sleepign the cramping woke me up it was so bad and iw as so nasouses like really bad nasoues i wound up getting up tiwce to run tot he bathroom but then i just felt so sick i coudlnt do it so i took some pepto that only worked for a lil i think i went like 4 more times after that til they fianlly stopped working and my chest wasnt on fire yeah not taking them for awhile again

i guess theo combo of my ibs and then the laxs was not the best idea in the world
but neway i was 107 lbs yesterday wheni weighed myself this moring i was back to 105.4 c laxs are good for soemthing at least now ij ust gotta keep my weight going down

i had the kids today and let me tell u i am exhasuted u have no idea how much of a handle they are N crawls all ver the place now and he pulls himself up when hes holding on to things he tries to standon hes own but we gotta catch him cause he alwasy falls so he never sit stills nope never

B is just always all over the place he ahs to do what everyone else is doing and then P just likes to tire me out thats the first thing she alwasy says is ima tire dani out today and turst me she alwasy does andshe loves to jump on me too she calls it attacking me and her newest thing is jumping on the legs and then standing up on them and after awhile it really does start to hurt but its so worth it

we did so much today after it warmed up i took P and B out for a walk it was still a lil too windy to take N out but we took a nice slow walk around the block i was a lil cold but i would do nething for those kids

and then it eventually did get warmer and we all went outside we but N in the stroller and he was so tired cause he was fighting sleep so he had to keep moving i must ofpushed him around the yard like idk 5-10 times and then ma took over

me and P palyed tag at first and then she wanted to do gymnastics she takes classes has since she was lil she can do a cartwell a back bend a forward roll and a handtand so we had to do that together and we had to copy each other it got dizzy but it was nice to do that again i cant do ne of the hard stuff ne more but i still got my cartwheel, roundoff, handstand, handstand forward roll, front walk over, back walkover, and front handspring. i didnt even attempt to do my backhandpring or roundoff handrping or tuck i use to b able to tumble so good i had a full and an arabian at one point back in high school god i miss being able to do that

ok back tot he kid we also had to paly on the slide which mean running up it yes we teach the kids bad habits o well we run up slides its fun so we had to run up tehm and slide down them i got a pretty good workout outside id have to say

we palyed more games inside as well an di cant tell u how many times i had to walk up and down the hall today trying to get N to go to sleep i cant even guess
but we did watch tv mostly spongebob that show dirves me nuts but the kids like it so we watched that and icarly some clifford and curios george we drew pictures on the computer and did races and a shit ton of other stuff as well

i just got done cleaning up my room al il it was a disaster and i work 8 hours tomm i wont have time to clean it b4 the boy comes over so i had to do it now and i also hhave to find the concentration to llok for jobs i need a real full time big girl job one with set hours and wont run me down so eaisly so i will have to do that today

heres my foodlog so far today

*lipton cup of soup chicken noodle
*mint hot green tea

with kids
*capri sun
*bottle of water
*bowl of chips
*5 pieces of home made easter candy

im dirnknig water right now idk what ima have for dinner yet if i eat it idk im still thinking i gotta wake up a lil first though

but yay my books that i ordered off of amazon came in today that made me happy


unbeautiful- the top and bottoms are seperate they dont go together they had bottoms that matched the top but i dont like to b matchy matchy so i went with the black bottoms and i dont like string bottoms either and the matchy ones were string so

A- yeah i was down that low its been a long time years since i have seen those 80 numbers

kitkat- thanx hun i just dont see it

acka11-yeah ih ave to workout it keeps me i=sane i would go completely crazy if i coudlnt

anna- thanx hun and yeah i like my tat as well

danae-thanx hun i wish i coud c what u guys c

anoyomous- thanx huunny



  1. sorry the laxatives made you so miserable. bright side to N being so tired is all the calories you burned pushing him around. let me know if those rachel caine books are good. stay strong, doll.

  2. glad you had a great day with the kids, by the sounds of it you should work in a daycare centre, you'd be good at it.

  3. laxitives are the devil... i babysat 3 girls under the age of 7 a few months ago and i got the biggest workout. a day of skipping and running to the park and then trying to keep them outa my room, drove me nuts!